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What sort of things will I do as an Admin Assistant?

Duties of the Admin Assistant

As an Admin Assistant you will undertake a wide variety of every-day tasks which include the following duties and responsibilities:-

  • Keep filing systems up to date and in order
  • Postal duties such as managing staff post and the receiving of post
  • Ensuring calls are directed to the correct members of staff and accurately recording any messages for staff that are unable to take calls
  • Reception duties
  • Maintaining stationary and office supplies
  • Document control
  • Writing letters
  • Working with spreadsheets
  • Organising the booking of meeting rooms
  • Writing meeting minutes or notes
  • Data entry
  • Supporting managerial and executive staff
  • Managing staff calendars and appointments
  • Sending emails or correspondence on behalf of managerial or executive staff
  • Managing ancillary staff such as cleaners
  • Ensuring visitors are welcomed and looked after whilst they are waiting to be seen

What sort of money can I earn as an Admin Assistant in Bristol?

Average salary for Admin Jobs in Bristol

The average salary for admin jobs in Bristol can vary depending on experience and position within the company. Below is a guide to what you can expect to earn by experience and position.

  • Admin Assistant – entry level: £14,000 to £16,000 per annum
  • Admin Assistant – 1-5 years experience: £16,000 to £19,000 per annum
  • Office Manager – 1 to 5 years experience: £20,000 to £25,000 per annum
  • Senior Office Manager – 5 + years experience: £22,000 to £32,000 per annum depending on company

In addition to this admin staff can often be included in the company profit related schemes which will further enhance your annual salary depending on company performance.

Can I progress my career in Administration?

Career progression for Administration jobs

It is a common question among people looking to start out their career as an Admin Assistant as to which way they can I progress their careers further down the line? It is notorious that office roles are not clearly structured as in other job sectors and it often leads to confusion and hesitation when seeking this type of role.

Fear not however as starting out as an Office Administrator or Admin Assistant can often lead to higher roles within company structures and sometimes can even lead on to completely new roles in different departments following a few years of experience.

As the Admin Assistant generally gets involved in numerous areas of the business they get to learn new skill sets that can often set them up to be the perfect candidate for new positions that may arise internally within the company. Below are examples of the root Administration staff can take further down the line to progress their career:

  • Office Manager
  • Administration Team Leader
  • Personal Assistants or (PA) to executive staff such as the CEO
  • Legal Administrator
  • Medical Administrator
  • Government Administrator
  • Local Authority Administrator

What do I need to get a job in Administration?

Entry level requirements

Often there are no significant requirements for entry level Admin Assistant jobs however below is a list of some of the skills and some education that would make you an ideal candidate.

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Proficiency in computer applications such as Microsoft Office
  • Ability to effectively multitask
  • Excellent people skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Maths and English GCSE
  • IT based qualifications would be an advantage

Some previous experience would be an advantage however often not essential for entry level Admin jobs. If you are struggling to find a job as you have no previous experience then check out our tips on how to get a job without any experience. How to get a job with no experience

What skills must I have to get a job in Administration?

Essential Qualities You Must Have to Work in Administration

To work in Administration you must be able to multitask effectively and handle challenging situations whilst dealing with other tasks at the same time. You will maintain the general running of the office administration duties along with supporting the managerial staff and executives with their day to day administration requirements. Employees who become highly skilled and experienced in this role can progress to greater positions within the company, supporting high-profile officials in local authorities, colleges and universities, not for profits or charity organisations and private companies. It can also often be a solid foundation acting as a stepping stone to move on to other jobs in their sector.


Excellent communication skills is one of the most essential qualities required by Administration staff. To be able to speak clearly and confidently with employers, colleagues or clients and maintain a positive tone is extremely important. Equally, being a good listener is also an important skill to possess as you will need to listen carefully to instructions from other staff members and also any client requirements or concerns.

Administration roles can often involve a lot of writing and therefore demand excellent written skills to ensure tasks are written clearly and concisely to enable others to read clearly. From writing an email to a client or writing a simple note or messages to staff, it is essential that this is written accurately and professionally so that the clear message gets across.

Information Technology

Administration staff need to have a solid understanding and ability to work with various software programmes, including (for example); Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, Microsoft Access for databases, Microsoft Word for word processing and Microsoft Powerpoint for presentations. They will also need to fully operate and work with email clients such as Outlook to send emails and also use the internet for research and other applications.


To enable an Adminstration employee to juggle many tasks at the same time whilst running the day to day office admin requirements they must have the ability to be extremely organised and self sufficient. Keeping records and diaries up to date and files in order is a day to day challenge that seeks the most organised of people.


Planning ahead is another challenge that Admin staff are faced with. Being able to schedule meetings, managing appointments, planning ahead the ordering of essential office supplies is all part fo the role and will need careful planning and consideration with the ability to put procedures in place to help manage this.

Problem Solving

Thinking on your feet and acting on problems quickly is another crucial quality to have when working in Administration. Admin staff will be the ones who everyone turns to for a quick solution to a problem and having excellent problem solving skills will be just what you need to handle this effectively.

Is there anything I can do to make my CV stand out for Admin job opportunities?

Tips on how to write a perfect admin CV

To begin, if you haven’t already done so, check out our tips on how to write the perfect CV to get the general ‘must do’s and ‘must not’s when focusing on writing your CV for potential job opportunities. These tips can be used when structuring your CV for any job however below are some tips to focus on when writing a CV for Admin jobs.

  • Study the job description and list all of your skills that directly relate to the job requirements. Structure these towards the top of the page so that potential employers can quickly get to the important parts.
  • Read other job adverts for similar roles to see if there are any other skills that you can list that may be relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • Try to give some real life examples of the skills that you list. Anyone can list a bunch of skills but employers like to see how you have implemented these in the past.
  • If you have any previous experience in a similar role then ensure to list examples of achievements or situations that you have had to use a number of skills to complete a task.
  • List all of the computer applications that you are confident in using such as Microsoft word, excel, power point etc. Even if you have only a limited knowledge of the application it is always worth listing if you have used them in the past.
  • If you have any professional qualifications, be sure to list them but in an order that most suits the job. For example if you hold a professional typing or writing qualification be sure to include this at the top of the list. GCSE’s or similar qualifications can be lower down as these will not carry as much weight as the professional qualifications.

Our final tip for writing a great CV for Admin jobs

If you are finding it difficult to get down to the nitty gritty of writing or structuring your CV, then try downloading a free template to get the basic structure where you can expand on. If you are still struggling and want a professionally written CV, then you can hire a professional CV writing service to do it for you at a reasonable cost. There are many available online but we have found The CV Centre to be one of the most reliable and most reasonable around. Visit their website here The CV Centre.

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